Xiaomi IMILAB Home Security Camera Basic

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Xiaomi IMILAB Home Security Camera Basic

A secure home with the Xiaomi Imilab Home Security Camera Basic
Xiaomi Imilab Home Security Camera Basic is an IP camera designed for indoor monitoring. The swivel base provides a 360-degree viewing range. Night mode allows for trouble-free operation in low light conditions.

Features of the Xiaomi Imilab Home Security Camera Basic:

  • Resolution 1080p
  • Support for H.265
  • Night mode
  • Detection of a child crying
  • Audio transmission in two directions
  • Motion detection
  • 60-degree rotation
  • Tracking

Detection of a child crying
Innovative sound identification of a crying child. Thanks to the Home Security Camera Basic’s audio identification, it can read out the mood of your voice and alert you immediately when your child is crying.

Two-way audio transmission
When you’re out and want to talk to your loved ones or pets, the camera offers two-way audio transmission. Just press a button on Mijia.

Motion detection and tracking
With advanced algorithms, your IMILAB 1080p camera can detect moving objects and automatically track and record their movements, while providing real-time notifications and video.

Support for H.265 decoding
H.265 encoding allows you to save and upload images of the same quality as older codecs in a 50% smatter size. This allows you to check your clips faster.

Night mode
The camera is equipped with 4 powerful IR illuminators for illumination up to 10 m (depending on ambient conditions), sufficient to cover almost any room, and automatically switches from day to night mode.

Storage of files in the cloud and on the MicroSD card
Start using an IMILAB camera with access to the IMILAB cloud. With secure encryption services, your data will be secure. Alternatively, you can use an SD card up to 64GB (Please update your firmware to the latest version).

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