Baseus Easy Control Clamp Car Mount Holder


Features & Compatibility

Baseus Easy Control Clamp Car Mount Holder (Suction Cup Version)

  • Strong Adsorption With Universal Adjustment
  • Double Packed Suction Cup ,900 Degree Adjustable
  • Optimized structure with No Squeaking
  • Foldable And Retraceable Combo Design  ,12-17cm retraceable  find the best position for yourself
  • Easily Hold for 5kg , Vacuum Mechanical Valve with removable  Nano adhesive ,easy installation with higher stability
  • No shaking and noise: Upgraded internal structure of the holder can clamp a phone firmly without noise
  • Pick and place with one hand: Press the orange button on the back to release a phone, and press the clamp arm with a hand to lock the phone
  • High compatibility: The holder is compatible with 4.7-6.7 inch models with a slow-moving clamp arm and shorter tooth pitch

Specifications :

  •  Name: Baseus Easy Control Clamp Car Mount Holder (Suction Cup Version)
  • Model No.: BS-CM002A
  • Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black, tarnish
  • Product Size: 230*64*98mm
  • Product Weight: About220g

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