Xiaomi Andon KD-5901 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor


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Xiaomi Andon KD-5901 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

  • A sphygmomanometer is a tonometer for indirectly measuring blood pressure; it consists of a cuff with an air pump that is attached to the arm and a pressure gauge that measures air pressure. Equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen and a nylon cuff, the material is skin-friendly and does not cause discomfort. Power is supplied by 4 AA batteries, which are included.
  • Unlike a traditional blood pressure monitor, where you either have to calculate the beats in your head or manually inflate the cuff, the electronic sphygmomanometer will accurately measure your blood pressure and pulse in one click. To use the device, you need to put the cuff on your arm and hold down the power button for 2 seconds.
  • Accurate measurement of each indicator is achieved by a built-in sensor with a wavelet core, the measurement accuracy meets the high standards of the European and American sphygmomanometer assessment: USA AAMI SE-10, sO81060-2 (2009) and the world standard ESH-2010.
  • The Xiaomi Andon Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen, the numbers and font will be visible even to people with low vision.
  • Heart rate monitoring monitors heart health, and the ability to save up to 60 recent measurements will allow you to track dynamics and prevent various diseases.
  • Easy to measure at home, monitor blood pressure changes in a timely manner
  • Accurate measurement, each measurement is precise and stable
  • Simulated human voice broadcast, full measurement guidance
  • One-button measurement, one point is measured
  • IHB arrhythmia monitoring, caring for heart health
  • 60 times of data memory, convenient observation of blood pressure treatment effect
  • LCD high-definition large screen, read values ​​are clearer
  • WHO blood pressure color strip partition prompts, health status at a glance
  • Skin-friendly nylon cuff, comfortable measurement
  • Material: ABS + nylon
  • Input voltage: DC 6V
  • Power: 4 x AA battery
  • Product weight: 0.9 kg
  • Product size: 1 x10x7cm
  • Package weight: 1.026kg
  • Package size: 20x15x10cm
  • Package Contents: 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Cuff, 1 x Chinese Manual, 4 x AA Battery

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